Upcoming CARE Events

This two day conference brings together a pan-Canadian and international faculty to showcase news and developments in hematological malignancies, including lymphoproliferative, myeloproliferative, and plasma cell disorders. The conference features cutting edge content with discussion on relevant cases and treatment strategies.

CHC 2017 is open to Canadian hematology professionals, including residents, nurses and pharmacists with an interest in hematology. 

CARE is pleased to announce three regional CARE Congresses on Biosimilars. These Congresses will take place in London, Calgary and Montreal in Fall 2017. The regional CARE Congresses on Biosimilars are an extension of the national meeting that was held on January 13th, 2017 in Toronto, ON.

Recognizing both the potential impact on the Canadian healthcare system and the importance of involving stakeholders, CARE™ is inviting the following groups to participate: Canadian researchers, clinicians, Health Canada, public and private funding agencies, health economists, hospital pharmacists, nurses, advocacy groups, ethicists and legal experts to share their perspectives, concerns, wants and needs. 

The aim of these meetings are to provide a platform for representatives involved in Canadian healthcare to interactively share, discuss, and debate their perspectives on biosimilar concepts.


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