CHC Overview

CARE Education is pleased to have hosted the 5th annual Canadian Hematology Conference (CHC 2015), on October 2-3, 2015 in Toronto, Ontario.

The two day conference brought together a pan-Canadian and international faculty to showcase news and developments in hematological malignancies, including lymphoproliferative, myeloproliferative, and plasma cell dyscrasias. The conference featured cutting edge content with discussion on relevant cases and treatment strategies.

The conference was open to Canadian hematology professionals, including residents, nurses and pharmacists with an interest in hematology.

CHC Attendee Breakdown

The CARE Perspectives on CHC 2015 Conference Report is available now!

Video Highlights from CHC

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Why should you attend CHC? 

“I am a clinical study coordinator at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, involved in doing hematological clinical trials. I really like to attend CHC to increase my knowledge in hematology, acquiring information about new research and new clinical trials in hematology."

- Nimisha Dave, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre


CHC Speaker Presentations

PDF - Introduction to CHC
John Kuruvilla, MD

Hodgkin's Lymphoma

PDF - Localized Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2015
Michael Crump, MD

PDF - PD1 Inhibition in Hodgkin's Lymphoma
John Kuruvilla, MD

PDF - PET in Routine Clinical Practice
Martin Hutchings, MD, PhD


PDF - AML: How Molecular Biology is Influencing Clinical Care
Aaron Schimmer, MD

PDF - BMT: Are Cells Going to Replace Chemotherapy?
Denis Claude Roy, MD


PDF - Novel Oral Anticoagulants in Patients with Malignancy
Lori-Ann Linkins, MD

PDF - Diagnosis and Management of PNH and aHUS
Richard Wells, MD

Plasma Cell Dyscrasias

PDF - Incorporating Newer Agents into Clinical Practice
Rafael Fonseca, MD

PDF - Amyloidosis for Practicing Hematologists
Vishal Kukreti, MD

PDF - MRD Testing in Myeloma: Next Steps
Ola Landgren, MD

Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

PDF - The Science of CAR-Ts and BiTEs
Rob Laister, MD

PDF - Mantle Cell Lymphoma: Update in 2015
Diego Villa, MD

PDF - Considerations in NHL: Diagnosis of Aggressive B-NHL
Stefania Pittaluga, MD - (Not available at this time)

PDF - Management of R/R Follicular Lymphoma
David Macdonald, MD

PDF - Radiation Therapy for Localized NHL in the PET Era
Richard Tsang, MD


PDF - Melodysplastic Syndrome in 2015
Richard Wells, MD

PDF - Front-line CLL Therapy
Anca Prica, MD

PDF - Relapsed CLL
Graeme Fraser, MD