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The second annual National CARE™ Congress was a great success! 
Thank you to all those who attended.

The second National CARE™ Congress: Update on Biosimilars and Access to Innovation was held at the Shangri-La Hotel in Toronto on April 6th, 2018. The meeting addressed questions and considerations regarding biosimilars in Canada and how they build towards a larger discussion on access to innovative medicine. The meeting included discussion and provided a platform for medical specialists and key stakeholders across multiple fields to meet, collaborate, and discuss concepts that have a practical impact on the Canadian healthcare landscape.  


Friday, April 6th, 2018
Registration & Lunch 11:15 - 12:00 pm
Meeting Sessions 12:00 - 5:00 pm


Shangri-La Hotel,
188 University Ave, Toronto, ON
Queens Park South Meeting Room


John Marshall, MD - McMaster University
John Kuruvilla, MD - Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

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The Aim

The CARE™ Congress aims to allow assembled CARE™ faculty and panelists to consider the use of biosimilars and align on the importance of access to innovation. 

The CARE™ Faculty is pleased to welcome a robust speaker line-up, with representation from Canadian researchers, clinicians, government,  public and private funding agencies, health economists, hospital pharmacists, nurses, advocacy groups, ethicists and legal experts.

Meeting Format

This year's congress was split into two sections addressing different topics in the Canadian healthcare landscape.

Section 1 - Update on Biosimilars
The meeting opened with an update on where CARE™ Faculty and assembled stakeholders sit on a continuum of understanding, as well as information and data needed to increase comfort levels and adoption of biosimilars.

Section 2 - Access to Innovation
The second part of the meeting focused on access to innovation.
A series of speakers:

  • Reviewed impact of innovative medicine
  • Projected where innovation is heading and the costs associated
  • Reviewed approval process for innovation at federal level and access considerations by both public and private payers
  • Reflected on systemic challenges to access innovative medicine
  • Considered the ethical, legal and economic challenges with access to innovation

Representatives spoke on their area of expertise to assembled CARE Faculty and audience members, sharing insights and perspectives.

Topics Presented

Section 1: Update on Biosimilars

CARE™ Biosimilars Update
John Marshall, MD on behalf of CARE™ faculty

CARE™ Biosimilars Primer Update
Scott Edwards, PharmD (Memorial University) 
Faculty/Panelist Discussion

Section 1 Summary and Next Steps
John Kuruvilla, MD

Section 2: Access to Innovation

Translational Science
Rob Laister, PhD (PMCC)

"Innovation to Access"
IMC - Chander Sehgal, MD
Faculty/Panelist Discussion

Drug Approval & Public Pricing
Health Canada - Megan Bettle, PhD
PMPRB - Douglas Clark, Executive Director
Global Public Affairs - Steve Long, BSc Pharm
INESSS - Sylvie Bouchard, B. Pharm
pCPA - Sang Mi Lee, BSc Pharm
Faculty/Panelist Discussion

Private Payer Perspectives
CLHIA - Karen Voin, VP, Group Benefits
Faculty/Panelist Discussion

Patient Perspectives
CORD - Durhane Wong-Rieger, PhD

Section 2 Summary and Next Steps
John Kuruvilla, MD

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