CARE Fall Update in
Gastroenterology 2016

The CARE Faculty is excited to announce a number of new developments that have taken place so far this year. 

What follows is an update on the programs the CARE Gastroenterology faculty has developed in the last quarter of 2016, as well as upcoming CARE events.

Latest CARE Initiatives in Gastroenterology 

ACG 2016 .png

CARE Perspectives on ACG/UEGW 2016

The CARE Gastroenterology Faculty recently attended the ACG 2016 conference (Las Vegas, NV - October 14-19) and the UEGW 2016 conference (Vienna, Austria – October 15-19). The CARE Perspectives on ACG/UEGW 2016 Conference Report covers a wide variety of content presented at the conference within irritable bowel syndrome and inflammable bowel disease. 

The NOR-SWITCH trial was presented at UEGW 2016, and investigated the impact of switching from the infliximab originator biologic, to its biosimilar. The CARE Faculty, led by Drs. John Marshall, Alain Bitton, and Brian Feagan, have looked at this trial in more depth. Stay tuned for their Canadian perspectives on this subject!

gastro-times IBD.png

Gastro-Times: Advances in IBD
The CARE Gastroenterology Faculty, led by Drs. John Marshall, Remo Panaccione, and Thomas Walters, have been working on a CARE publication that focuses on the advances in IBD. The three themes in the report include optimizing current therapy, innovation of new therapies, and increase competition in the field of IBD. This Gastro-Times publication will be available later in 2016.

Recent CARE Gastroenterology Video Content 

Upcoming CARE Events in Gastroenterology

CARE Congress on SEBs/Biosimilars

CARE is hosting the CARE Congress at the Toronto Marriot Eaton Centre Hotel on January 13th, 2017. This congress will be led by a panel of multiple CARE faculty in the field of gastroenterology, oncology, hematology and rheumatology. The CARE faculty will facilitate a speaker line up that will include clinicians, nurses, hospital pharmacists, health Canada, ethicists, medical legal, patient advocacy groups and payers to share their understanding and position regarding the integration of SEBs in the Canadian healthcare system.

The congress will be open to a diverse audience of multiple specialties including but not limited to hematology, oncology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, respirology, and dermatology. This audience will be comprised of physicians, patient’s groups, pharmacists, nurses, payers, members of government and sponsoring industry. 


Stay tuned for more CARE initiatives in Gastroenterology:

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