CARE Perspectives on ASCO 2017 - Hematology Focused Insights


Hematology Focused Insights with Content from ICML & EHA

Members of the CARE Hematology Faculty recently attended the ASCO (June 2-6, Chicago IL), ICML (June 14-17, Lugano Switzerland) and EHA (June 22-25, Madrid Spain) conferences to review the news and developments in the field of hematological malignancies.

This issue of CARE Perspectives provides a summary of the most compelling stories and news presented at these events, and is augmented with additional perspectives from the CARE Hematology Faculty. This report was developed to inform and provide guidance to the Canadian hematology community. The content that follows is written in the language in which it was presented and is adapted from the abstracts from ASCO, ICML and EHA. 

CARE believes in medical education with emphasis on: 

  • Optimization of current therapy, combinations and sequencing; 
  • Innovation with new therapy; 
  • Access to appropriate treatment

Access and innovation considerations are included within this hematology-focused report.

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