CARE Perspectives on ASH 2017

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Highlights from ASH 2017

Members of the CARE Hematology Faculty recently attended the American Society of Hematology (ASH) conference held in Atlanta, Georgia from December 9th-12th, 2017. CARE Faculty Chairs, Dr. Diego Villa and Dr. Martina Trinkaus also hosted the 12th annual CARE at ASH Resident and Trainee Education Meeting in conjunction with the conference. This was a highly successful meeting with participation from over 130 hematology professionals (residents and specialist faculty). For more information in this event and for additional CARE at ASH resources please click here.

This issue of CARE Perspectives from ASH 2017 provides a summary of the most exciting and relevant stories presented at both the American Society of Hematology conference 2017 and the CARE at ASH 2017 meeting. Abstract content is augmented with additional perspectives from select CARE at ASH presenting Faculty, including Drs. Graeme Fraser (CLL), Kevin Song (MM), Anca Prica (Lymphoma), Julie Stakiw (Leukemia), Kylie Lepic (BMT), Denis Soulières (Benign), Wendy Lim (Benign) and Christopher Patriquin (The Complement System).       

This report is written in the language which it was presented.  The content and graphics included are drawn from the respective presenters from CARE at ASH 2017.  Additional perspectives are provided by the CARE Hematology Faculty.