CARE Perspectives on CHC 2016

The 6th annual Canadian Hematology Conference (CHC 2016) successfully took place on September 23rd-24th in Toronto, Ontario. We were pleased to welcome a dynamic faculty of Canadian and International KOL’s who provided cutting-edge presentations on a variety of hematological malignancies and benign disorders. 

This conference is run every year with the goal of bringing hematology professionals together to learn, network, and share experiences relating to the management of hematological disorders in Canada. This year was our largest conference yet, with over 160 academic and community specialists, residents, nurses and pharmacists in attendance. 

The CARE Perspectives Conference Report from CHC 2016 and the lunch symposia provides a summary of the most compelling stories and news presented at this event, and provides Canadian perspectives from the CARE Hematology Faculty. 



CHC 2016 Symposia

This year, three symposia were held at this event, focused in Follicular Lymphoma, Complement Disorders, and Supportive Care. We were pleased to welcome a dynamic faculty of Canadian and International KOL’s who provided cutting-edge presentations on these topics of interest.

This supplement to the CARE Perspectives: CHC 2016 provides a summary of these symposia.

CARE Perspectives on ASCO & EHA 2016

Members of the CARE Hematology Faculty recently attended the ASCO & EHA 2016 conferences held in Chicago, Illinois (June 3-7) and Copenhagen, Denmark (June 9-12). CARE was pleased to host the annual resident education meeting in conjunction with ASCO. This meeting brought together a pan-Canadian Faculty of KOLs to showcase news and developments in hematology. Presentations featured cutting edge content with discussion on relevant cases and treatment strategies. CARE at ASCO was attended by over 50 Canadian oncology professionals. Attendees included academic specialists, trainees and residents.

The content that follows is written in the language in which it was presented. The following content is drawn from the abstracts at ASCO and EHA 2016, as well as the presentation made at the CARE at ASCO 2016 meeting by Dr. John Kuruvilla. This report is augmented with content and perspectives from the CARE Hematology Faculty.

CARE Hematology Faculty Who Have Contributed to This Report:

John Kuruvilla, MD
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

David MacDonald, MD
Dalhousie University


Perspectives de CARE: CCH-QC 2016

Rapport de la conférence CARE sur l’hématologie – Québec

Le programme de CARE (Communauté. Académique. Recherche. Éducation) est fier d’avoir complété cette première Conférence CARE sur l'hématologie au Québec (CCH-QC 2016), tenue le 15 avril à Montréal.

Les présentateurs chevronnés provenaient de plusieurs institutions d’enseignement et de recherches du Québec. Des sujets à la fine pointe de l’actualité, relatifs au domaine de l'hématologie, dont le lymphome, la leucémie, les troubles myéloprolifératifs, la dyscrasie plasmocytaire et des troubles bénins rares, ont été présentés.

Ce rapport résume ces présentations données par des spécialistes québécois de premier plan en hématologie. Les présidents de conférence étaient Dr. Denis-Claude Roy et Dr. Luigina Mollica, tous deux de l’Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont (HMR).

La conférence CCH-QC a été préparée par le Comité académique de CARE sur l'hématologie en collaboration avec CellCAN.

Le rapport a été initialement écrit en français. Les tableaux et figures ont été insérés dans la langue choisie par chaque présentateur. 

Présidents de la conférence :

Denis-Claude Roy, MD
Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont

Luigina Mollica, MD
Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont


CARE Perspectives CCOLD 2016

Conference Report on Multiple Myeloma and Lymphoproliferative Disorders

Highlights from CCOLD 2016

Members of the CARE Hematology Faculty recently presented at the CCOLD 2016 conference held in Banff, Alberta from March 18-20. This version of CARE Perspectives provides a summary of the presentations on multiple myeloma and lymphoproliferative disorders. 

CARE Hematology Faculty who have contributed to this report:

Kevin Song, MD - BC Cancer Agency
Christopher Venner, MD - Cross Cancer Institute


HEMA-TIMES: Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria Needs Assessment Results

Research led by Dr. Christopher Patriquin and Dr. Loree Larratt

Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH) is an ultra-rare, and under-recognized complement-mediated disease. Because of its rarity, it is not well understood. In order to understand both current perception and knowledge of PNH with hematologists, a needs assessment was conducted. The research is being led by Dr. Christopher Patriquin (McMaster University, The Canadian PNH Network) and Dr. Loree Larratt (University of Alberta, The Canadian PNH Network). 

This needs assessment was distributed by mail and electronically to upwards of 400 Canadian hematologists working in academic teaching centres and/or community practices. The response rate to this needs assessment is 19% (n=77). What follows is an overview of the key takeaways from the needs assessment, along with the response data. 


Hematology Year in Review 2015

There were a number of exciting developments in Hematology this year. The Hematology Year in Review 2015 is an interactive report that covers some of the most exciting stories in the field of hematology throughout 2015. An overview of programs that different CARE faculties have developed in 2015 and upcoming conferences in 2016 have also been highlighted in this report.