CARE Perspectives on CHC 2017

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The 7th annual Canadian Hematology Conference took place on September 29th and 30th, 2017 at the Shangri-La hotel in Toronto, Ontario. CARE was pleased to welcome a diverse and well reputed Faculty of over 30 Canadian and international opinion leaders who provided highly informative, cutting-edge presentations on a variety of hematological topics. 

CHC is the largest multidisciplinary hematology focused meeting in Canada and CHC 2017 was the largest to date. Two full days of presentations and symposia directed at academics, clinicians, trainees and allied health care providers (nurses and pharmacists).Content included malignant and benign hematology as wells as translational science.   

This year’s conference agenda was designed to cover the most exciting and important categories in hematology, while also providing insights and information relevant to Canadian practice. The CHC 2017 Conference Report provides a summary of the robust content presented during the CHC plenary sessions and symposia. 

Take a look at the video highlights from the event!

For more highlights from CHC 2017 click here.

CARE Oncology & Hematology Guiding Principles on Biosimilars

This initiative is led by:
John Kuruvilla, MD, Rob El-Maraghi, MD, Peter Anglin, MD, Denis Soulières, MD & Stephen Chia, MD

The CARE Faculty has been looking at the impact of biosimilars since 2015, given the significance of this topic across both chronic and disease entities. Select CARE Oncology and Hematology Faculty members have consolidated the following guiding principles based on the collective discussion from past CARE Education initiatives that explored the anticipated impact that the introduction of biosimilars will have in Canada.

Biosimilars have been a topic of interest for various CARE™ Faculties for several years now. To gauge levels of understanding along with perceptions and opinions on the impact that biosimilars will have on the Canadian landscape, a number of CARE faculties conducted needs assessments with their peers. Between 2014-2016, needs assessments were directed at specialists in gastroenterology, rheumatology, oncology, and hematology.

The aim of developing these principles is to provide Canadian health care providers with an overarching view of the positions from the CARE Faculties, which in turn may help inform their treatment decisions.

CARE Perspectives on ASCO 2017 - Hematology Focused Insights


Hematology Focused Insights with Content from ICML & EHA

Members of the CARE Hematology Faculty recently attended the ASCO (June 2-6, Chicago IL), ICML (June 14-17, Lugano Switzerland) and EHA (June 22-25, Madrid Spain) conferences to review the news and developments in the field of hematological malignancies.

This issue of CARE Perspectives provides a summary of the most compelling stories and news presented at these events, and is augmented with additional perspectives from the CARE Hematology Faculty. This report was developed to inform and provide guidance to the Canadian hematology community. The content that follows is written in the language in which it was presented and is adapted from the abstracts from ASCO, ICML and EHA. 

CARE believes in medical education with emphasis on: 

  • Optimization of current therapy, combinations and sequencing; 
  • Innovation with new therapy; 
  • Access to appropriate treatment

Access and innovation considerations are included within this hematology-focused report.

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CARE Perspectives on ASH 2016

Highlights from ASH 2016

Members of the CARE Hematology Faculty recently attended the ASH 2016 conference held in San Diego, California from December 3rd-6th, 2016. CARE Faculty Chair, Dr. John Kuruvilla also hosted the 11th annual CARE at ASH Resident and Trainee Education Meeting in conjunction with the conference. This was a highly successful meeting with participation from over 120 hematology professionals (residents and faculty specialists). For more information in this event and for additional CARE at ASH resources please visit 

This issue of CARE Perspectives from ASH 2016 provides a summary of the most exciting and relevant stories presented at the conference. Abstract content is augmented with additional perspectives from Dr. John Kuruvilla as well as select CARE at ASH presenting Faculty, including Drs. Diego Villa (CLL), Laurie Sehn (NHL), Andre Schuh (Leukemia), and Kevin Song (MM).

The content that follows is written in the language in which it was presented and is adapted from the abstracts presented during the ASH 2016 meeting. Of note, some abstracts have been updated to reflect the data presented during the oral plenary sessions at ASH.