CARE Oncology Update: Winter 2015

CARE Oncology Update: WINTER 2015

Since our last update in the fall, the various CARE Oncology Faculties have continued to meet and share knowledge, discuss advances in treatment and produce conference reports and highlights. We are excited to update on the work being completed by faculty members.
What follows are updates from the CARE Breast, GI, GU, and Lung Faculties, as well as Supportive and Palliative Care, and an update on Immuno-Oncology.

CARE Breast Cancer Faculty Updates

  • This faculty will meet next with their Canadian counterparts from teaching and community centers at the CARE resident education meeting at ASCO 2015, May 29-June 2 in Chicago. Education and discussion topics will build on those from SABCS, as well as focus on news and developments from ASCO.

CARE Genitourinary Cancer Faculty Updates

  • The CARE Genitourinary Cancer Faculty met at ESMO 2014 and worked to produce a section of the ESMO conference report highlighting updates in genitourinary cancers.
  • The Faculty recently completed a CARE mCRPC Treatment Guidance (found within the 2014 ESMO report). This guidance will be continually updated with new developments and the faculty is now looking to refine this for other stakeholders involved in mCRPC management, including radiation oncology, and urology.
  • The GU Cancer Faculty will meet again at ASCO GU in 2015 in Orlando, FL (February 26-28). A CARE working group meeting will be held to discuss further updates on CARE initiatives (including the needs assessment and guidance.)

CARE Gastrointestinal Cancer Faculty Updates

  • The CARE Gastrointestinal Cancer Faculty met at ESMO 2014, where they discussed news in colorectal and hepatocellular carcinomas.
  • The CARE GI Cancer Faculty will next meet at the ASCO GI Cancers Symposium (GICS) in San Francisco, CA from January 15-17th, where they will discuss advances in treatment options and produce a conference report. 

CARE Lung Cancer Faculty Updates

  • The CARE Lung Cancer Faculty met at ESMO 2014 and continued discussion from ASCO 2014 regarding ways to address challenges and providing further updates on the state of molecular testing at diagnosis in community/local centers.
  • The CARE Lung Cancer Faculty is also proud to present a national-based CARE guidance on the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). 
  • The Faculty also produced the ESMO Conference Report and electronic post-cards from this meeting, highlighting key news and updates from the conference.




CARE Oncology: Immuno-oncology, Head & Neck Cancer

  • The CARE Oncology Faculty continued to discuss Immuno-oncology during the ESMO 2014 Working Group Meeting, as it remains an area of great interest and excitement. Positive data has been presented in many areas and a few abstracts are highlighted in the ESMO Conference Report.
  • The CARE Head & Neck Cancer Faculty also recently produced a report on the American Thyroid Association's 2014 annual meeting. This report focuses on differentiated thyroid cancers, especially those refractory to radioactive iodine ablation. This CARE at ATA 2014 report is available here for any who wish to view it.

Supportive CARE, Palliative CARE, Patient CARE

  • A Supportive CARE Faculty meeting was also held at CHC 2014, for those focused in hematology. Discussion focused on various education options and linking supportive CARE into CARE hematology and oncology. By clicking here, you can access a separate report providing a Supportive CARE perspective on the content covered at CHC.
  • The Palliative CARE needs assessment is still accepting responses. The CARE Faculty is eager to gain further insight into how palliative care is viewed and implemented at various centres across the country. We look forward to hearing from you regarding how you approach this critical service.
  • The CARE Faculty is also looking at moving further towards Patient CARE initiatives. As we continue to grow CARE programs and events, we will be looking more at how we can improve patient-centric medical education.



CORE Resident Education Program at the Canadian Lung Cancer Conference (CLCCO) – Vancouver, BC
February 5, 2015 – Click HERE to Register!

ASCO Genitourinary Cancers Symposium (GUCS) – Orlando, FL              
February 26-28

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