CARE Hematology Update: Winter 2015

CARE Hematology Update: WINTER 2015

Since our last update in the fall of 2014, the CARE Hematology Faculty has continued to meet, share knowledge, discuss advances in treatment and produce conference reports and highlights from key conferences. We are excited to update on the work being completed by CARE faculty members.

CARE Hematology Faculty Updates

September - Canadian Hematology Conference

  • The CARE Hematology Faculty is pleased to announce that the fourth annual Canadian Hematology Conference was a great success! The conference took place September 19-20 in Toronto, Ontario with over 150 speakers and attendees. News and developments from the conference were published in the CHC 2014 Conference Report

December - American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting (ASH)

Needs Assessments

RELATED UPDATES: Supportive CARE, Palliative CARE, Patient CARE

  • A Supportive CARE Faculty meeting was also held at CHC 2014, for allied healthcare providers focused in hematology. Discussion focused on various education options and linking supportive CARE into CARE hematology and oncology. A separate report providing a Supportive CARE perspective on the content covered at the conference is also being developed and will be available on our website shortly.
  • The Palliative CARE Needs Assessment is still accepting responses, The CARE Faculty is eager to gain further insight into how palliative care is viewed and implemented at various centres across the country. We look forward to hearing about your approach to this critical service.
  • The CARE Faculty is also looking at moving further towards Patient CARE initiatives. As we continue to grow CARE programs and events, we will be looking more at how we can improve patient-centric medical education.

As always, please do not hesitate to connect with us if you are looking to get more involved or learn more about our programs, or to let us know about other initiatives that you would like to see the CARE Faculty engage in. 

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