ACR 2016 News in Rheumatology: Rheumatoid Arthritis

ACR 2016. Abstract 1599. Speed of Onset of Effect on Patient-Reported Outcomes Assessed through Daily Electronic Patient Diaries in the Baricitinib Phase 3 RA Clinical Program

Peter Taylor et al.

Results: Worst Joint Pain during Initial 28 Days of Treatment in Studies RA-BEAM and RA-BUILD

Conclusion: In this post hoc analysis from Phase 3 studies of patients with RA with inadequate response to MTX or other csDMARDs, treatment with bari produced rapid improvements in PROs compared to pbo and ada, with significant differences appearing within the initial days of treatment.


CARE Faculty Perspective:  The JAK inhibitor, baricitinib, was investigated in this Phase 3 clinical program in comparison to adalimumab and placebo. The aim was to determine the speed by which baricitinib and adalimumab help reduce joint pain for rheumatoid arthritis patients. The results showed that both agents rapidly reduced joint paint even after 1 week when compared with placebo. There was a significant reduction in joint pain by day 28 in RA-BEAM with bari 4 mg od vs. adalimumab.

Another study presented at ACR (Abstract 1584) from the RA-BUILD study provided some practical information regarding dosing that can be used in Canadian clinical practice. Bari at 4mg yielded better results than 2 mg daily dose. This also illustrate the possibility of dose adjustment or tapering in controlled disease.