Press Release: CARE National Congress 2018

The second National CARE Congress: Update on Biosimilars and Access to Innovation will be held at the Shangri-La Hotel in Toronto on April 6th, 2018. This year’s meeting seeks to address questions and considerations regarding biosimilars in Canada and how they build towards a larger discussion on access to innovative medicine. The CARE Congress will involve stakeholder representation from leading Canadian specialists (gastroenterology, hematology, oncology, respiratory medicine, dermatology, and rheumatology); allied health care (nurses, pharmacists); government, legal, ethical, associations, health economists, advocacy groups, industry, and public and private payers.

This meeting will include discussion and will provide a platform for key stakeholders across multiple fields to meet, collaborate, and discuss concepts that have a practical impact on the Canadian healthcare landscape.

Biosimilars are drugs that may replace expensive biologic drugs that are going off patent. The CARE faculty has been looking at the impact of biosimilars since 2015, given the significance of this topic across both chronic and disease entities. This meeting will consider the evolving impact biosimilars will have in the Canadian landscape both clinically and systemically. It will also consider how the adoption of biosimilars can support access to innovation, asking the questions “how do we incorporate/afford innovative drugs and ensure access to improve patient outcomes”?

The Aim of the CARE Congress is to allow assembled faculty and panelists to consider the use of biosimilars and align on the importance of access to innovation.

Meeting Format – the meeting will be divided into two distinct sessions:

Section 1 – Update on biosimilars

The meeting will open with an update on where CARE Faculty and assembled stakeholders sit on a continuum of understanding, as well as information and data needed to increase comfort levels and adoption of biosimilars.

Section 2 – Access to innovation

The second part of the meeting will focus on access to innovation. A series of speakers will:

  • Review impact of innovative medicine
  • Project where innovation is heading and the costs associated
  • Review approval process for innovation at federal level and access considerations by both public and private payers
  • Reflect on systemic challenges to access innovative medicine
  • Consider the ethical, legal and economic challenges with access to innovation

CARE Faculty believes in:

  • Developing clinical practice through optimization of current therapies
  • Improving patient outcomes by developing innovative therapeutics
  • Ensuring access to quality care for all Canadians by the responsible and evidence-based use of treatment
  • Welcoming competition to improve efficiency and access to innovation

For more information on the steering faculty, assembled CARE Faculty, speaker list, or for questions/information needs regarding CARE, please contact Erica Duncan.