CARE Perspectives: ASCO 2016

Members of the CARE Oncology Faculty spoke at the 11th annual CARE at ASCO 2016 meeting in order to educate Canadian trainees and residents as well as frame each of the developments from a Canadian perspective. Presentations featured cutting edge content with discussion on relevant cases and treatment strategies. CARE at ASCO was attended by over 50 Canadian oncology professionals. 

The CARE Perspectives Conference Report from ASCO 2016 provides a summary of the most compelling stories and news presented at this event, and is augmented with additional perspectives from the CARE Oncology Faculty. 

I encourage you to attend the CARE at ASCO meeting in 2017 to learn about the highlights from ASCO, framed in a Canadian perspective. 

See you next year,


Denis Soulières, MD (Chair)
University of Montreal