One of the primary goals of the various CARE (Community. Academic. Research. Education.) Faculties has always been the consideration of therapy to optimize patient outcomes.

In alignment with this goal, and in acknowledgement of feedback from various faculty members, CARE is proud to announce the development of education initiatives in the areas of supportive and palliative care. The CARE Faculty feels that these fields are critically important.

Palliative CARE

 Dr. Ernie Mak, a palliative care physician from the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, will serve as faculty chair. We appreciate his experience at this leading cancer treatment centre and his eagerness to begin work on CARE initiatives. 

 The Palliative CARE faculty will work with other CARE oncology faculties and will tie into CARE education events at conferences such as ESMO, ASH, and ASCO, as well as others. Discussions will initially centre on palliation therapies and ways to ease the transition between curative treatments into palliative care.

 We look forward to continuing to pursue CARE’s goals of increasing education and improving patient outcomes. More details will follow as we begin to embark upon these exciting new initiatives.