The CARE (Community. Academic. Research. Education) Faculty is a pan-Canadian group of leaders in their field who gather, discuss and address gaps in knowledge, to develop education initiatives that frame news from a Canadian perspective. 

The vision of the CARE Faculty is to share opinions and update Canadian specialists with news and developments from key conferences framed in a Canadian perspective.

The mission of the CARE Faculty is to enhance medical education, with the explicit goal of improving patient outcomes.

The CARE Rheumatology Faculty works towards developing CARE Conference Reports and postcards that showcase news and developments from key conferences throughout the year, framed from a Canadian perspective.

They are available for download as PDFs below.


Rheumatology Publications

Rheumatology Needs Assessments

Rheumatology Subsequent Entry Biologics Needs Assessment

Please take a few moments to share your thoughts on biologic and subsequent entry biologic therapies within the field of Rheumatology. The responses will form the basis of a needs assessment for future programs that may be eligible for CME credits. Thank you for your participation. 

Pour accéder à cette évaluation des besoins en français s'il vous plaît cliquez ici